800px-Panagyurishte-from-the-Monument-HilltopPanagyurishte is one of the towns in Bulgaria, leave a clear footprint in history.  For tourists the most interest is the golden treasure, which dates back to the IV-Roman Spa functioned at b.c.  Nr.  It is, open the December 8, 1949 by the three brothers Pavel, Petko and Michail Дейкови.  And for the Bulgarian history Panagyurishte connects with April Uprising.interesting is the history of the name Panagyurishte.  The town is named for the small fair,which is organised on the river shore.  The word "панагюр"is a synonym of "fair".   Very little is left of the former town.  At the time of the April uprising almost the entire town was burned down.  450px-Rayna-knyaginyaOnly a few old houses remain, for to tell history of Panagyurishte.  Now these homes are houses-museums, which can be visited: House of Tutev is famous, in which the 20 April 1876.  It is beginning of the April uprising.  The house of the girl, who has sewed and избродирала flag of freedom- the house of Raina Popgeorgieva - Raina Popgeorgieva.  In the spacious yard of the home is's burial and the Raina Popgeorgieva.  Dudekov's House - it is representative of symmetric Plovdiv houses.still, Panagyurishte has preserved its appearance to the renaissance city, a mountain location offers the opportunity for walks in the forest.  Routes are easily accessible and magnificent views.


800px-Panagyrishte-history-museum 800px-Rayna Knyaginyas house in Panagyurishte 


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